The TinyAmp amplifiers is the perfect companions for the Logitech Squeezebox®
Classic, Receiver and Touch – enabling true digital audio from your hard drive to your speakers!

It is a stereo amplifier with a single digital audio input and a built-in power supply output for the Squeezebox®.

It is easy to use – plug in your Squeezebox® and speakers and turn it on! A music auto detect turns the amplifier on and off, this way the amplifier limits power consumption.

It is designed using high quality components and materials, selected for the best sonic performance and long durability.

It is the only amplifier in the world using true digital technology in it’s price range.

It is very small – only about 6”x6”x1.5” (WxDxH) and is made of aluminium. This material has been chosen because the amplifier uses the chassis as heatsink and therefore it gets luke warm when plugged in.

This small and simple amplifier, combined with the Squeezebox® and a set of quality book-shelf speakers, is a complete music system.


Please read below information before use:

At startup the blue front LED is blinking – this means the amplifier is starting – and when the LED is permanently on, the amplifier is ready for music.

There are DC voltage on all four output speaker terminals due to the digital power stage when playing music. This is not a problem or dangerous for the speakers because the voltage is the same on all four terminals.

The amplifier is short circuit protected. This mean if there is a short on speakers cable the amplifier will shut down and possibly need to be re-started.

About us

SUMOH is a new Danish brand, established in 2007.

The people behind the SUMOH brand have solid experience with digital amplification technology, especially with the PurePath Digital audio devices from Texas Instruments.

The result of this experience shows in every single product by providing a high level of performance at a reasonable price.

The products manufactured by SUMOH are based on the idea about the digital home, in which media files are streamed from central storage devices or directly from the Internet, being digitally processed in every step, without any loss of quality.

Where to buy

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Available in Denmark at StreamTech

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Available in Netherlands at Wifimedia

Available in Hungary at Bartimex Audio

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